Monday, January 14, 2008


Hokay, here’s we go. It’s gonna a take a while to get used to this, so bear with me.

First off, my blog name is playtherapy, not Jefe. So now, like He Who Was Formerly Named Prince, I am no longer “Da Boss”. I am now playtherapy.

Onto Wondo-land. I’ve been a Bulls and Celtic fan for some time, though in the last five years, I’ve dropped most “American” sports (much more on this later). In the past when watching basketball games, I used to wince when the Celts put in Greg Kite or the Bull’s early Will Purdue years. After they were subbed (scrubbed) in, things quickly got embarrassing.

Wondo is nothing like them yet theme muzak plays in my inner cerebrum whenever he hits the field- the electric guitar lead-in to “My Sharona” shouts loudly. Instead of Miiiiiiiiiii (hold that vowel) Sharona, my version goes Wondoooo-lows-ski.

Wondo reminds me of those Football Americano defensive linemen so locked into mano y mano battles with their offensive counterparts, their objectives are totally lost- making the play or sacking the quarterback. Chris sometimes gets lost in similar battles, going Rock-em Sock-em Robot with his marker, instead of doing what in my book center forwards or strikers are supposed to do and that is to shake the coverage. Yep, establishing space IS important, but getting so entangled that both Wondo and defender fall down seems extreme and not a bit productive. Wondo- quit doing your markers jobs for them!

Hmmmm, maybe the venue is wrong and the Dynamo can also sponsor a WWF Team. See Wondo above adopting Mysterio’s garb to bring in the Mexican Wrestling crowd. Think of the Action Figure Tie-Ins!

And people, people! Being near the top of the MLS Reserve in scoring for the season may not be a good thing, either… Quaranta was near the top as weres uch household names as Laventure and Taylor, though so was Oduro and Chris, you ain’t no Oduro.


Martek said...

OK, OK, as playtherapy on the BrazilName generator, you are now "Playtherinho."

And that is much better than the flying Wondolowski brothers: Chris is "Wondoloskinho," while brother Stephen is "Stephando."

Your pal, "Martson"

Martek said...

And of course, mister3d1 is "Mistaldo."