Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bring on the season

Now that the Superdraft is mercifully over, can we please not speak of it again...ever. Let's be real, there are possibly fifty to seventy-five individuals in the world that have enough specific knowledge to postulate an informed opinion on the draft and its participants and, aside from a handful of guys from the go to sites, most of us in the soccer blogging world ain't them. I understand that this internet soccer pond we all swim in is an incestuous referential feedback loop but come on, all this superdraft stuff has just been wan ghostly mirages masquerading as real opinion; Ives presumably knows what he's talking about let's leave it at that. I'm done, absolutely done, with all of this speculative offseason rumor madness draft insanity-bring on the season! Now more than ever give me an official roster to ponder and discuss, give me actual accomplished trades, and most of all, give me competitive matches where you watch, I watch, they watch and then we let the real realm of opinion begin. The USA plays this Saturday, now there's something we can all talk about.

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