Monday, January 14, 2008

KC probably not coming to Dyn

Checking out Steve Goff's wonderful Soccer Insider blog today and I found a nice, concise explanation on what Kenny Cooper is all worked up about. He has every reason to be worked up, but it's like the old saying goes, "An unwritten agreement is not worth the paper it's not printed on." Dude should have known better, especially with the Hunt family.

From Goff: *Here's the Kenny Cooper situation, as explained by someone familiar with his travails: Cooper had a gentleman's agreement with MLS when he returned from England that if he did well in his first season, he would have the opportunity to renegotiate a better deal. After getting 11 goals and 4 assists, his father approached MLS about the upgrade. The league indicated that the option on the contract had been exercised and nothing would change. The elder tried to work through the Hunt group, which responded by saying there was simply not enough money available under the salary cap. Both father and son were perturbed with MLS for not upholding their end of the unwritten agreement and with the Hunt group for not taking the initiative. Agent Lyle Yorks was hired to get a better deal or get him sold back overseas. They are still hoping to renegotiate for this coming season, but nothing yet. (He earned $83,000 last season.) That is why you have been hearing rumblings of Cooper's discontent in Dallas. So there you go.....

Glenn Davis
reported that Cooper was interested in coming here, but I just don't see it. I mean, even though this IS after all the franchise that blew a ton of dough on Denilson, just signed an over-the-hill hacker from America and have easily one of the most charmless facilities in MLS, they're not stupid enough to send one of their best scorers to their intrastate rival.

Are they?


playtherapy said...

If Cooper were to come to Houston, even speculatively- who in the front line- even speculatively- goes???

Martek said...

Maybe Ngwenya or even Jaqua. That is assuming that Ngwenya is not already gone. Cooper brings more to the table than Jaqua, though Ngwenya is somewhat speedier. If they can pay for all of this, you definitely keep them all, what with the fixture congestion Dynamo has this year.