Monday, January 14, 2008

2008: the year of the goon?

From the this is not good department, it is being reported in not one but two sites that Joseph Ngwenya, the scorer of the true 2007 MLS goal of the year, is transferring to some club in Austria.  All I can say is...Damn!  And, in a quick aside, here with Taylor Twellman, Joseph Ngwenya presents the MLS' Tale of Two Strikers:  The mercenary for hire Ngwenya keeps his contract short and parlays his best professional season into european opportunity while the loyal Twellman gets the shaft.  I know a contract is a contract but this can't be the message the league wants to send.  MLS, let the man go.  Now back to the dynamo....without Ngweyna we are left with Jaqua, Ching, Wondolowski (hereafter known as the goon), and if rumors hold true, good lord, possibly Kenny Cooper and then we will surely have the four strikers of the apocalypse spreading broken shins, concussions, and cracked signboards throughout the land.  Oh wandering Paul Dalglish we miss you now more than ever.  Let's hope that 2008 is the year of the goon or Kinnear weaves some of his trade magic.....soon!


Martek said...

I still don't quite understand the whole Paul Dalglish is out thing. I wonder what happened there and if we'll ever know the true story. Maybe OJ can help us find out.

playtherapy said...

Counting regular season games, Paul played 6 games with three starts, scoring 2 goals and an assist. Last year he played 5 games, no goals after a season wrecking injury. He turns 31 next month. For a team struggling to get wages under the cap- especially a championship team where every one wants a raise to reward success, I'm unsure whast the big mystery is,