Monday, January 14, 2008

Pato es muy bueno, not so Rossoneri?

Can someone please explain to me why AC Milan is so far down in Serie A. I've watched them in Champions League and catch some of their games on GolTV and I still can't figure it out. And just when it looks like they're out of it for good, they uncork a performance like this. Are they just the best bad team in the world or the worst great team?


TJ said...

Thank you. I have been thinking the same thing! I think it's a matter of all the pieces coming together (think 2007 Galaxy... or not).

Pato's stock is very high and rightfully so... plus Ronaldo is back, to go with Kaka, Seedorf, etc. By far my favorite team to watch in Serie A.

Martek said...

Mine as well tj. Though I really wonder about what kind of contribution Ronaldo is going to make. The guy seems like he has a 10-cent head and may not be mentally what the team needs to dig itself out of a hole. Maybe his value is more as a transfer? Cut the losses now perhaps. What do you think?