Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Fish swims away (Good riddance)

So Carlos Ruiz got traded to LA today. I know my attitude has always been that Rico Clark should have kicked him harder as my favorite moment of all of that was when Rico kicked his shoulder and the Little Fish grabbed his face. (I still maintain that the replays make the kick worse than it appeared. You ever been kicked in the shoulder? You don't grab your face.)

I have rarely seen a player get by on so little. What did Ruiz do last year other than flop and try to draw fouls? And I know he scored here in Houston in the Western semis to put Dynamo down 2-0 in aggregate. I know he used to be MVP quality when he was in LA the first time. But that's the key phrase, isn't it, "used to be."

You know, all over the Internets today, I continue to read how the league favors Galaxy, now the rules are skewed in their favor, and I think all of this is true. But for solace, I go back to the knowledge that Alex Lalas, the Grand and Glorious Redheaded Destroyer of Franchises, still runs that team. Ruiz has lost more than one step in the last couple of years and I really don't think El Pescadito will pair well with Landon Donovan up top. As a matter of fact, he really doesn't bring much more to the table than the now dearly departed Carlos Pavon. All in all, this is a perfect Lalas deal. Much flash, almost no substance. Keep building that brand 'Lex, the way only you know how.

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