Thursday, January 24, 2008

An omen of grave portent?

Here's a little snippet from an article on today's mlsnet that caught my eye:


The Charleston Battery of the USL First Division hosts this annual classic at its authentic soccer haven, Blackbaud Stadium in Daniel Island, S.C. This year the tournament features the New York Red Bulls, Toronto FC, and the San Jose Earthquakes along with the underdog and home team, Charleston Battery.
The fifth consecutive year of this round-robin competition consists of three doubleheaders, and the three MLS clubs will train in Charleston all week. To purchase tickets, call (843) 971-GOAL (4625) or visit

So what? Well this fired off my synapses in an unexpected way and filled me with the slighest touch of ruin and after searching I found this small bit from 4/01/07 on mlsnet:

"Kinnear-led teams rule the four-year old tournament hosted by the USL First Division's Charleston Battery. In 2005 his San Jose Earthquakes won the tournament before claiming the MLS Supporters' Shield. Last year Houston lifted the CCC before, of course, going on to win MLS Cup. "There may be something to it," Kinnear said."

And now read this further down the page in the same article:

" In each of the four years of the tournament's existence, the winner has gone on to win one of the two major trophies in MLS. In 2004, the Columbus Crew won the tournament, then followed up by winning the Supporters' Shield. The San Jose Earthquakes won the CCC and the Supporters Shield, before moving to Houston for the 2006 season, maintaining their dominance over in the Lowcountry, then winning MLS Cup."

We all know the Dynamo won the 2007 CCC, how I wish that was the Concacaf Champions Cup not the carolina challenge cup, and then won the 2007 MLS Cup again. Coincidence? As Kinnear was quoted," There may be something to it."

Is the march for a record breaking third consecutive mls cup condemned to fail before it begins? Preventing the Dynamo from south carolina will be their participation in the Concacaf Champions Cup so there's no way I'm complaining but as a spoiled Houston fan I like my cup right here.

Should be interesting to see if the Carolina Challenge Cup winner matches the 2008 MLS Cup or Supporter's Shield winner.

MLS Cup or no as long as the naranja play with their customary heart and soul I will never complain. After all, my personal pick for best match of 2007 was their superliga loss to Pachuca. Dale, Dale Dynamooo!

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