Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pride of Canada back in goal

The Houston Chronicle's Bernardo Fallas reported on his blog that Dynamo uber-keeper Pat Onstad, everyone's favorite PE and special ed teacher, has re-signed with the team, probably for a one-year deal. This is great news as, oldest player in the league or no, he did turn in the best season ever by a keeper in MLS last season (and yet somehow lost in the best keeper voting to Chivas' Brad Guzan. Don't get me started on that. Just think about it, BEST SEASON IN THE HISTORY OF MLS and not even voted best of the year.)

This does bring up the whole issue of who will be Onstad's backup? With Zach Wells gone to DCU and Jordan James released, Onstad right now is the only keeper on the roster. Clearly, this will not stay true, but who will the team bring in? With the fixture congestion the team has to deal with this season and the first day of camp coming in just about three weeks, that question is going to need an answer sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, enjoy Onstad's brilliance right here:

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