Saturday, January 19, 2008

All hail the mighty and powerful Waibel

According to Ives, we can expect 3 dynamo players, Davis, Clark, and Robinson, and one we retain the rights to in Corrales to start for the USA tonight. As much as I am looking forward to watching how this dynamo contingent acquit themselves on the field (particularly Robinson), we all know, see the poll to the right, that it will be the powers of an unseen and powerful Houston player that swings the game in the states' favor. Do not be alarmed when the disembodied head of Craig Waibel begins floating above the field of play directing the ball into Sweden's goal. Do not question what you do not understand USA fans, here in Houston we are thankful for the sage Kinnear but deep down we all know that the dynamo owe its success to the metaphysical powers of the one and only Craig Waibel. In a more physical realm, here's to Twellman taking out his recent disappointment and anger on the swedes in the form of a hat could happen!?

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