Monday, January 14, 2008


Gabba gabba
We accept you
We accept you
One of us!
-From either the classic film, Freaks, or the Ramones’ ‘Pinhead’ (your pick)

Welcome to our little cozy blogspace. In the near future, I hope to write about Wondo the Wrestler (need pick of Mr 3D’s Dynamo wrestling mask), our struggles to find a blog title- I love Soccer, am I gay? ; Nutmegged; Nutmegging- and the side trip to Fresno during Wednesday’s business trip to Dallas to buy Denilson for my kids’ birthday parties so we can impress other ten year olds down the block. No one quite brings such wizardry to backpasses as Denilson. Further, I hope to open the whole “Why is soccer an intellectually, white (Thank God for the changing racial demographics) sissy sport in the US while it has proletarian roots and, opposed to cricket, was known as the working class game question”.

If we get sponsored by megacorporations, I will tank all my Leftist leanings , go to court and purchase a one-off Brazilian name- like Jefinho, then try to get transferred to an obscure football club, sight unseen (after all, I will SEEM Brazilian- Jef-inho).

Sex-xy- eh?

No time to post more at the moment but hopefully my role on this page will be to bring you such things as sexy, revealing pics of Diesel (quick, cover your kids’ eyes!). Stuff like that. Stay posted and we might even have a prize for Reader # 1- nope, no zeros behind that one- yet…

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Martek said...

Jefe, you want a Brazilian name, check out this site:

Right now, I think "Jefinhosa." Don't know about your back passes though.