Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three videos that are taking my breath away

My favorite is "Some Guy in Arkansas."

As for me, I was at home with Playtherapy and my two sons. At 1055 a.m. Central, I had a voice. At 10:58 a.m. Central: No voice.

Playtherapy's idea at about the 85 minute mark was for us to take our jerseys off and wear them inside out. We did and the rest is history. So you can congratulate him for helping make this whole thing happen.

As he told my son earlier in the game when he told me to pipe down: "But you know, they can hear us through that TV. They can hear us."

They can indeed. Here's a fabulous piece from Nick Green (link here), which is where I got this video, which seems to be making the rounds today.

In it, he quotes these Tweets. First from our boy Stuie Holden (who will always be a Dynamo):

Wow.. had goosebumps for a full five minutes watching this Video. The support has been unbelievable.....

And then from Mr. Donovan himself:

Not sure if you guys saw this but it brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you all so much...we can't do it...

But my favorite is this part that Green quotes about President Obama's conversation with the team today:

And this - from a U.S. Soccer press release:

The day after the historic and dramatic 1-0 victory against Algeria that sent the U.S. to the round of 16 at the World Cup, President Barack Obama called the team and addressed the players and staff via speakerphone.

The President then congratulated the players on the amazing team spirit they showed during the unbeaten run through the first round of the World Cup and told them that while he was meeting with General Petraeus in the Oval Office, he could hear the rest of the West Wing erupt when Landon Donovan scored the game-winner.

The President then congratulated Donovan on the game-winning goal, asked Tim Howard how his ribs were feeling and asked Clint Dempsey how his lip was doing.

The leader of the Afghan War was being changed out and what was really happening at the White House? The US National Team beating Algeria, that's what! We have all, as a Soccer Nation arrived. As Nick Green says, Screw You Glenn Beck (and Jim Rome and on and on and on. Screw you all.)


And here are my other two faves from Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert

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World Cup 2010: Into Africa - US Beats Algeria
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And now Steven Colbert:

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US Defeats Algeria
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And by the way, here's the video from Lucky's Pub here in Houston. Amazing.

Finally, here's some info from the AP:

Wednesday morning’s United States vs. Algeria FIFA World Cup match on ESPN – in which the Americans scored a dramatic goal in stoppage time to earn a 1-0 win and a spot in the Round of 16 – is the highest-rated and most-watched soccer game in the history of ESPN networks, delivering a 4.6 rating (4.0 household U.S. rating), 4,582,000 households and 6,161,000 viewers for the two-hour contest (10 a.m. ET – noon).

The previous households record was set five days earlier with the U.S.-Slovenia match (June 18) – 3,906,000.

Excluding holidays, ESPN’s coverage of the U.S.-Algeria game ranks as the most-watched weekday morning telecast ever for ESPN, surpassing the U.S.-Germany World Cup match from eight years ago (June 21, 2002) – 4.4 rating and 5,335,000 viewers.

The game ranked as the highest-rated program of the day on any network among M18-34 and M18-49.

Through Wednesday, June 23 (40 games on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2), the 2010 World Cup is averaging a 1.8 U.S. rating (for the two-hour match window) — up 40% from 2006 (1.3). Household impressions are up 46% (from 1,389,000 to 2,025,000) and P2+ impressions are up 49% (from 1,789,000 to 2,658,000).

San Diego was the top market for yesterday’s Team USA game, delivering an 8.9 rating – all the more impressive considering the 7 a.m. local start time. Rounding out the top 10 were Baltimore (6.7), San Francisco (6.1), Washington, D.C. (5.4), Sacramento (5.4), Houston (5.4), Las Vegas (5.4), Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (5.3), New York (5.3) and West Palm Beach (5.3). San Diego was also the top market for both the U.S.-England game on ABC (11.5) and the U.S.-Slovenia game on ESPN (8.5).

What is it with San Diego? And how long will it take for Chivas USA to move there since they just can not draw in Carson? Wild. Read more!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GO GO USA!!!!!! That's MISTER Donovan to you!

I can't stop watching this and I don't think I ever will.

That's Donovan, Mr. Donovan!

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