Saturday, January 12, 2008

STTormclouds, big brass Double-T sTTormclouds

Well, well, well, MLS has rejected Preston North End's $2.5 million transfer offer for Taylor Twellman (Here's Steve Goff's great interview with Double T here and Frank Dell'Appa's short and sweet piece right here.)

I think everyone should remember this Twellman situation when the next collective bargaining negotiations sessions start up. This is exactly the sort of high-handed, disloyal an selfish behaviour that leads to serious, serious labor unrest in sports leagues. Everyone loves to talk about athletes being disloyal, but loyalty is two-way street and here is a crystal clear case where you have an elite player who has been extremely loyal to MLS, even going so far as to sign a multiyear deal when he knows what has happened to players who have done so in the past, being treated like dirt. MLS is headed for a serious labor problem and unless they stop acting like this it's going to be bad for everyone.

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playtherapy said...

This situation may echo the growing disparity between foreigners coming into the MLS earning big paychecks and domestic players who have toiled for less but have consistently produced. It should be interesting how this and similar situations play out.

When I watch Twellman jump or contort, I think of the song Rubber Band Man. Taylor has the most incredible vertical leap.