Thursday, January 17, 2008

SuperDraft thoughts

Ives Galarcep on Soccer by Ives is reporting that Dynamo are actively trying to trade up for tomorrow's SuperDraft to get a shot at Texans FC player Brek Shea, a left winger. Shea, pictured, an 18-year-old from College Station, is a Generation Adidas player who apparently has already expressed his desire to play for Dynamo. But the only way that is going to happen is if the Orange brain trust starts in with the wheeling and dealing.

One deal that Galarcep alluded to yesterday was the rumor that Dynamo were actually in play for the No. 1 pick before Kansas City sent Nick Garcia to the Quakes for the top spot. According to Galarcep, Dynamo were prepared to part with Brian Mullan and a 2008 pick for that spot. Personally, I would rate that rumor as very low on the believability scale. I mean, I know Shea looks like the real deal and all, but the SuperDraft has historically been anything but super. Picks come and disappear utterly. And according to numerous sources all over the Internet, this year's Combine had one of the lowest quality of players in recent years. Apparently, the draft looks like more of the same. So trade the co-MVP of the 2007 MLSchamps for a pick in the SuperDraft? Sounds like a very un-Kinnear move to me.

Still, Galarcep is also reporting that he expects Dynamo to move into a Top 4 spot just in order to nab Shea. Anyone got any potential trades that you think would make sense here?

And though the idea of signing a local kid like Shea is always a nice one, it seems that winger is hardly Dynamo's area of concern. With both Nate Jaqua and Joseph Ngwenya trolling Europe for job offers, and right now the oldest player in the league as Dynamo's only keeper, it would seem that the team's top areas of concern are the alpha and omega, forwards and in goal. I'm not saying Dynamo doesn't deal. Looking at his track record, Dom never, EVER stands pat when a good deal can be made. I'm just saying that a midfield-heavy team like Houston (Mullan, Davis, Clark, Holden, De Rosario, Mulrooney, who am I forgetting?) seems unlikely to trade up in a suspect draft to get TA-DA, another midfielder.

My personal feeling is that both Ngwenya and Jaqua, even though right now they're both free agents, will return, and the fixture-congested squad will be able to employ their depth to stay afloat in all of their various competitions.

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