Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Geoff Cameron, as well as Bob Bradley's schizo treatment of me

Bob Bradley is trying to become either my worst enemy or my best friend. Let's not forget that Mr. Bradley's final MLS act was to oversee a fight on the Robertson Stadium turf that erupted at the end of Chivas USA's thoroughly deserving expulsion from the 2006 MLS playoffs two games before Dynamo lifted their first Alan Rothenberg Trophy.

(Question, since the MLS Cup trophy has now been redesigned and renamed, are Dynamo the reigning holders of the Rothenberg Trophy in perpetuity? Seems fair to me.)

So, does Mr. Robert have a grudge against Dynamo or an abiding love, and how can we tell the difference? On one hand, the call-ups of Rico Clark and Brain Ching are totally understandable given past history. And Stewie Holden? Despite his brain fart foul that cost us the Netherlands game in the Olympics in August, he has been studly in his U-23 national team role and fully deserving of a call-up. But Geoff Cameron?

Let me explain, I love the US National Team with a Cuba Cinco-like passion and have written on this extensively over the course of the last year. However, the club/country thing rages on in my psyche. So, I am truly and legitimately pleased for Mr. Third-round-pick-in-the-2008-MLS-SuperDraft. (Was Sean Franklin even the best rookie employed by Anschutz Entertainment? I think not.) I hope he kicks Swedish butt Jan. 24 and gets serious time for the US against Mexico in February. However, are we here in Dyna-land to expect a future that has all four of these guys called up during World Cup qualifying? The needle on my club-country gauge tilts toward club here, and I am NOT looking forward to this problem again, especially with the reduced rosters.

So Bob Bradley, I would really appreciate it if you would just let me know where you stand right now, as this is beginning to piss me off.

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