Thursday, January 22, 2009

Has Dynamo Front Office Been Frozen in a Game of Freeze Tag???

A few days after the big inauguration, Dewayne De Rosario will finally be officially introduced as a Toronto FC player.

Hats off to De Ro.

Saying this, I must also mention my disappointment with the Dynamo Front Office.

Shortly after the De Ro trade, I emailed my Nutmegged counterparts in excitement. Expect a big move soon, I typed. This creates cap room to resign Boswell AND bring in a quality player.

Would Ngwenya return?, mused Mr3d, in his ad naseum attempts to make his self-started rumor reality. Martek posted on this, soon followed by a Glenn Davis piece, which in turn led to a spot on MLS rumors.

Perhaps a DP is on the horizon- a formal offer to Forward Luis Angel Landin of Morelia to follow , wrote Bernado Fallas of the Houston Chronicle on December 22nd. By December 29th, this was nixed as Moerlia loaned Landin to Cruz Azul. This has been followed by another month of absolutely nothing.

This reminds me of this tired joke:

Two hunters, dressed in camouflage, cautiously sneaking through the dense forest.

Buford: Hear that sound?

Bubba: Whut sound?

Buford: That’s what I mean- It’s too QUIET!

Yep, it’s so damn quiet, something- anything has to be in the works.

And absolutely nothing ensues. I’m sure the Front office is diligently scouting possibilities. All the same, I had feverently hoped there would be some justification more than Julian James for the De Ro trade. It obviously wasn’t for the allocation money.

Apparently, less is considered more. Is this rebuilding?

This has all the markings of Dom being THE players coach- you want out, I’ll get you to where you want to go- even if it hurts more than helps. I’m guessing Ryan Cochrane’s departure was in a similar vein.

Damn all. Little left but the Papa Bear Quote: “Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada”

Please Dom, I beg of you, do not force me to quote Ernesto again.


Martek said...

Dude, your negative waves are putting me in a serious bummer here.

I'm with you, though. Getting pretty tired of the "this is around the corner..." and "that is coming right up..." hopes and dreams and wishes.

Who's Ernesto?

playtherapy said...


Not trying to depress ya- but just like a sex addict- (read the following in your worst William Shatner overacting imitation)-


Wake up front office. Take some viagra!

mister3d said...

Ernesto=Ernest Hemmingway from A Clean and Well-Lighted Place, I believe. Good stuff.

playtherapy said...

You are correct sir!

Martek said...

Oh sure, you guys getting all literary on me now!

I hear ya though, we got the Faith and Hope business down pat. Now it would be nice to be shown a little love eh?