Friday, January 30, 2009

The Kid is Hot Tonight- But Where Will Dynamo Newbie Garcia Be Tomorrow?

Despite adamant speculation that yesterday’s press conference was too much buzz merely for the signing of a raw PDL phenom; the Dynamo announced the signing of Felix Garcia as a Generation Adidas Player from the Laredo Heat.

I was hoping for a bit more since this seems to be Mr3d's psychic contribution to the squad. (See previous threads as I and Martek take full pompous credit for recent signings- meglomania has its advantages when things appear to be going well).

Garcia, a US U20 MNT member, is well known to the Dynamo- having attended the Dynamo South Texas Academy. Though from South Texas, Laredo is still a 5-6 hour drive from Houston. I wonder if player residing 5-6 hours from NY or LA would be considered “local”.

Most frequently described as “raw” talent, this Orange newbie is said to have blazing speed and no fear. The major knock is little polish and lack of meat on a skinny frame.

In March, 2008, Justin Rodriguez, a journalist covering the USL for ESPN Soccernet, wrote the following regarding Garcia’s rising star.

“They told the kid to hold onto the ball and distribute it quickly. Don't try to beat anyone. Don't dare. These players, older, bigger and stronger, would simply take him out. At least, that's what they thought.

However, Felix Garcia never listened to the PDL (Premier Development League) Survival 101 pep talk he received from Laredo Heat management last season. So what if he was supposedly overmatched on the pitch Felix Garcia doesn't back down from anyone.

His fearless game, lightning fast, full of energy, has brought him here: In three months, Garcia has gone from a relative unknown to a member of the U.S. men's under-20 national team.”

Despite Garcia’s potential, many believed the Dynamo would announce an even bigger signing during yesterday’s Press Conference as Houston has been looking at several South American based forwards.

What do you think happened? Was this scheduled to herald a bigger coup which did not pan out or was delayed? Or did the Front Office set this up merely for Garcia and to show the Press Corps and Dynamo fan base they are working to bring in new talent?

As far as Felix, I am mystified by many fans xenophobic anger that Garcia is not English-proficient.

So what? It hasn’t impeded his play for the U20 Nats.

One post on Big Soccer suggested a return to Boarding Schools akin to what we did to Native Americans to insure non-English speaking citizens learn the language.

I am disgusted by this- and I believed Americano footy fans to be the intellgensia, the literati...

Perhaps we’ll again hear the ignorant chant of ethnic pandering though given Garcia’s US citizenship, this may not surface. Such nonsense is hypocritical-the MLS practiced pandering to white suburbia for many years without any sort of racial allegations- remember the shootout and time clock travesties?

Let’s hope these types of drivel stay buried-


Thinking of Garcia- to continue Martek’s bad rock-n-roll quotes:

“We just heard of a brand new wave
and we hope it’s here to stay
We’ll have to wait and see
if it’s half of what they say”

And a bit later in the song- the Geek chorus:

“The Kid is hot tonight
whoa so hot tonight
but where will he be tomorrow?”

My take: Good signing for a team needing youth in front. The trade of De Ro for Julius James, the signings of Tally Hall and Garcia, and the trade of Ianni to the Sounders signify an attempt at rebuilding while maintaining the Dynamo status as title contenders. Though I would be much happier to know the exact dynamics of the De Ro trade (I believe the Dynamo were short changed and should have held out for a #1 pick- to either use or trade for future considerations), hats off to the Front Office for looking to the future.

Still, I wonder, what's next?


Martek said...

Dude, you speakie da troot to da power!

I have a so-so feeling about Garcia and am hoping this is not Caraccio Part Deux. (DON"T like Kinnear saying he's never seen the kid play. WHAT is up with that?) He seems like a nice humble kid though. Hopefully, he has some family here who will look out for him, as well as some of the older, family-oriented players.

I think Dynamo got as much as they could for DDR. They had a weakened hand as Dwayne was known to want to go home and a deal had to be made or we would have been stuck with an unhappy, and underperforming star.

playtherapy said...

He won't be Caraccio II. Garcia won't be as good but will be tremendously cheaper. He will be what he is- a Gen Adidas Player- a project.

I hear what you're saying about the De Ro trade- but why so early? DC is hurting for an attacking mid now- as are many other teams. Even if Dom always intended to send De Ro home- a few other ante-ins might have driven the price higher.