Sunday, January 11, 2009

One year counting up and 45 days counting down

So now that the holiday madness is well and truly passed, 2009 has started and as of this writing we are a mere 45 days away from the Dynamo/Atlante game Feb. 24. That game will begin the soccer seasons for me and I can scarcely contain my anticipation.

The last time Dynamo played Atlante, in Superliga last summer, I was beginning to have some affection for the squad (Atlante, I mean). Initially, I felt what's not to like? Out of nowhere squad moves to Cancun, takes the FMF by storm, upsets the arrogant traditional powers and bursts onto the scene. And I was even more enthused by the fact that my Dynamen were blowing those guys right out of the water at Robertson Stadium in front o my own personal eyeballs.

Then came a couple of disturbing incidents that should have raised red flags for me, the most notable being the series of incidents that led to Dwayne De Rosario's ejection early in the second half. But flush with the exultation of victory that night, I let it all go. In truth, I was hoping that I would form an affection for Atlante similar to the one I've developed for Pachuca. I've rarely respected an opponent more than Pachuca and I absolutely look forward to playing los Tuzos now whenever the opportunity arises. They are great foes who I root for when they're not playing us for reasons I have posted on before.

But my distaste for Atlante came in their game against New England in the Superliga semis. I watched it rooting for those guys, as it would mean a home game for the finals. But those hack-whackers just couldn't keep from intentionally trying to injure the Revs' guys. So much so that my enlightened self-interest took a back seat to wanting the Revs to wipe Atlante off the face of the Earth. Even though it meant a Superliga final in the wide open spaces (and that's just the empty stands) of Gilette, I didn't care.

So, long story short, come Feb. 24, I'm hoping for another butt-kicking.

And if you're wondering about the title of this post, today marks one year exactly of the first post on Nutmegged. Hopefully, there'll be many more to come from Mister3d, Playtherapy and me.

But speaking solely for myself, here's what got me involved in all things Orange while on my very first soccer outing with my compatriots. Ching Kong, I can't thank you enough.

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