Thursday, January 8, 2009

MLST's interviews with Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson

Kartik Krishnaiyer from Major League Soccer Talk sat down and talked with GolTV's Phil Schoen (pronounced "SHANE"), easily one of the best sports announcers for my money working in TV today and posted the interview on his site. Schoen is to me the Al Michaels of soccer.

During the World Series, Joe Buck said of Phillies announcer Harry Kalas that "If I had his voice, I think I would just hang out in the living room all day listening to myself talk."

That is almost how I feel about Phil Schoen.

Krishnaiyer has a great site in Major League Soccer Talk. And these interviews are just the tip of the iceberg here. Just because I like you guys, I also put at the bottom an interview he had with Schoen's broadcast partner, the inimitable and emotional Ray Hudson. If you don't have GolTV, get GolTV. Here are two guys who clearly deserve an incredibly large audience.

Here's the synopsis from the site:

Krishnaiyer recently had a chance to sit down with Schoen to ask his opinion on several topics, including:

what does MLS need to do to address the fact that many younger players are paid more in the USL than MLS,
is it a better model for MLS to sign players from the CONCACAF region than European players such as Ljungberg and Beckham,
what does Barcelona and Brightstar need to do differently for soccer to succeed in South Florida, and
what are the advantages for Miami Barca playing at Florida International University, and his thoughts on the field turf there.

Here are the four parts of the Phil Schoen interview, followed by the Ray Hudson interview:

And here's Ray Hudson:


wren said...

Great blog Martek. Glad to find you here as well as Dynamo Planet.

Martek said...

Thanks wren. Now that we're getting closer to actual games next month, I'm starting to get more and more jazzed.