Monday, January 26, 2009

The Boz is Back in Town, sang Thin Lizzy. More to come?

With the news today of Bobby Boswell's resigning with Dynamo, I feel I have fulfilled Playtherapy's injunction to get the defender after Dynamo signed Tally Hall (I can never get enough of that guy's name) following Playtherapy's earlier post complaining about the O-range's inactivity.

Now Mister3d, the striker is up to you. Though if we get Ngwenya back, I will consider that a job well done by you.

As for Ianni leaving, with a back line that features Mulrooney, Waibel, Bozzie, Eddie Robinson, Julius James, Captain Wademerica and Chewbacca Chabala, exactly where was the overpriced project supposed to fit in? Good move for him to go somewhere he hopefully will get some minutes. Another typical move from the talent firm of Luck, Canetti and Kinnear, meaning one that benefits all parties, especially Dynamo.

And here's a nice trip down memory lane that has BB victimizing his old club and the pathetically lame keeping of the guy we gave up for .com. (Also, the clip brings up some interesting issues in the Holden v. De Rosario's ghost midfield thingy about to come up. Stewie does not have De Ro's physical virtuosity, but he does have that ability to fire laser beams from the end of that boot. See the vid.)


playtherapy said...

"And if the Boz wants to fight-
You better LET him!!!"

Martek said...

You're cracking me up.
What did you think of the US/Sweden game? If you've not seen highlights, check them out here:

Ching was awesome!