Friday, December 5, 2008

Calling Joseph Ngwenya.. Where are you?

At the conclusion of the Dynamo/Firpo game the night before Thanksgiving, Mister3D and I were lamenting the loss of Nate Jaqua to the nor'westerners. Then Mister3d says this to me:

"No big deal as Joseph Ngwenya is coming back."

"Whaaa?!?" sez I.

"Just trying to start a rumor," he replies with a mischievous grin.

And that got me to thinking. Where is Joseph Ngwenya anyway? Last I heard, he was in Turkey, plying his trade, trying to get noticed after his high-profile tryout with Bayern Munich, of all teams, in the summer. So this morning, participating in this discussion over at Dynamo Planet, I set about looking for our man Joseph, and what I found is something of a mystery.

He supposedly was playing for ANTALYASPOR A.Ş. in Turkey, which currently sits just out of the relegation zone, at 15th in the 18-team Turkish Super League. However, looking over the team's Web site (which, unfortunately for me, is entirely in Turkish), I can find no mention of our man on the 27-player roster. So the mystery deepens... Where is Joseph Ngwenya?

And then, curiouser and curiouser. The Turkish Football Federation site still lists him as being under contract to Antalyaspor, but I can find no appearance by him with the Scorpions after October.

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