Thursday, December 4, 2008

Setting priorities for 2009

(Continuing the thread from El Naranja's "So...What now?" post on Dynamo Planet. Check that one out for a great discussion in it's own right.)

With the 2008 year now completely concluded for our Men in Orange, I think it's time to look ahead at the offseason on-field priorities (as opposed to Dynamo Park, which is Priority "All" off field I would think) for Chris Canetti, Dominic Kinnear and the rest of the Brain Trust.

Here, in no particular order (other than the first ones that come to my caffeine-addled mind) are several.

1. Re-signing Bobby Boswell. The man was to my mind at least the co-MVP of the season this year. He had a horrific start, but then picked it up around early May and clearly was the best defender on the pitch for long stretches. He anchored the best defense in the league. I know he can probably make much, much more money were he to go to Europe, but looking at the team, I would say bringing the Boz back to town would be among the first objectives.

2. Bringing in a new back-up keeper to replace Tony Caig. To be fair, Caig wasn't always awful this year and I'm sure there are many, many keepers out there who are worse than him. However, Zach Wells may be back on the market, and who wouldn't love the all-around punkjob that be to one day in 2009 beat DCU with Boz in the middle and Zach Wells in goal? Also, I'm thinking Troy Perkins and, especially, the out-of-contract Matt Pickens might be available. All would be improvements over Caig. Super Canuck is nto getting any younger in the No. 1 role, though he seems to indicate that he intends to go another year or maybe two (!). If his reaction time slows appreciably, this could become a HUGE hole for this team in a hurry.

3. Replacing Nate Jaqua up top. Don't get me wrong. I like Kei Kamara and don't want to go anywhere, but Nate was truly spectacular at times this season, clearly a better player than he was in 2007. It was shown this year that Chris Wondolowski is not the guy here, and neither is Kyle Brown. So the team will have to look elsewhere. (Though, wait a minute, who knows? Maybe Geoff Cameron in this spot?) He seems to be a head case, but perhaps Arturo Alvarez could be prised away from San Jose? I had a few other names on my mind when I started this paragraph, but they have flitted away. This is a big need because let us not forget that while Ching did play the whole season this year without an injury (an amazing feat for anyone, but for him, stunning), we can't rely on that all the time. Again, I'm thinking that this is the prime area for bringing someone in from outside the organization. Thoughts and ideas?

4. Time for you guys to fill in the blanks here.....

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