Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All I want for 2009........ (Hey, what year is this again?)

Last year at this time I was hoping for these things:

A forward to take the heat off an aging Brian Ching
A back up keeper to fill in for the departed Zach Wells
Movement on a Dynamo Park deal.

This year, my list looks like this:

Another forward to complement the attack of an aging Brian Ching and young Kei Kamara
A back up keeper to fill in (and do much better than) the departed Tony Caig
The final movement on a Dynamo Park deal

Man, the worm doesn't turn much, does it?

Except it does of course, as with the departure of the bearded one for his home wilds of Canuckistan, Dynamo goes into the first two points on the list flush with more cash than at this time a year ago. And after starting the Joseph Ngwenya rumor almost singlehanded on this very site (actually, credit goes to Mister3d after the Firpo game the night before Thanksgiving, as documented here), I'm feeling my oats here. So, here's what I think will happen for no other reason that the thought of these things happening make me happy, a laudable national goal if there ever was one:

With the DDR trade cash, Dynamo re-sign Bobby Boswell and Joseph Ngwenya. I think, though have no accounting numbers to back this up, that that will still leave some cash in the tranche to throw at Troy Perkins and/or Matt Pickens to step in as Pat Onstad's heir apparent, or at least fill-in that brings us back up from the (not-unmitigated but that's the best I can say for him) disaster that was Tony Caig.

As for Dynamo Park, I know we're all closer to this than we ever have been. I know. I know. I know. $10 million from the county. The finances seem together. The attached strings minor. It all looks good, just like that gleaming orange bicycle in the store window that I didn't get last year, but may just possibly, almost get this year.


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