Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who are those guys?

The first week of the MLFS Bloggoff Competition ended with PeleOrei taking a commanding lead. The Blue Blooded Journal, DCenters, (the guy who attested,”I’m not very good at this”) and STO FC 2007 also had fine weeks.

In the immortal words of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “Who are those guys (PeleOrei)?”

Nutmegged did so-so, attributable partly to me not doing hardly any homework and doing half-assed picks.

Fantasy League Results
Prediction Results

Overall Combined Results

1. PeleOrei 38
2. Blue Blooded Journal 28
3. DCenters 25
4. STO FC 2007 20
5. Nutmegged 13
6. Soccerlens 12

(To be fair to them, I omitted WV Hooligan and Center Holds It from the combined competition as they did not submit predictions last week; I would be more than happy to include them)

This week there's lots of room to play catchup, especially in some strong versus weak team matchups. Good luck!

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The Manly Ferry said...

OK, confession: I totally forgot the fantasy predictions thingy. Ditto for fielding a sensible line-up. It showed in the results for the latter (frankin' miles behind) and the no-show for the former.

I missed Week 2 as well, though only by about 10 minutes. Fielded a team worth half-a-shit, though. Will do better during Week 3.