Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dynamo/Wizards preview, a Q&A with Travis from The Offside

Time to play Ask the Questions again, this time Travis (an alright guy if there ever was one) from The Offside-Wizards blog gives us answers to my questions prior to tonight's Dynamo/KC game. Enjoy.

MARTEK: What kind of carryover do you think there might be from Wednesday's loss to the Revs? Are the Wiz lamenting lost opportunities or will it just fire them up to take it out on an apparently hurt and struggling Dynamo?

TRAVIS: The biggest issue is the defense. The young Gambians on the Revs really took advantage of a some poor composure at the back. Anytime facing an opponent missing so many key players, three points are a must, so it is definitely seen as a missed opportunity.

MARTEK: Through three games now, how have the cozy dimensions of the new home helped the Wiz? Hurt them?

TRAVIS: It's an interesting situation. The ballpark is obviously quite smaller, and I believe the max capacity is around 11,000. The good is that the Cauldron (supporters group) gets to sit near the opposing goalie for a half, and in general create a lot of ruckus during each match. The bad: it's a baseball stadium, and I find the dimensions of the actual pitch quite small. Plus the camera angles suck.

MARTEK: Other than Eddie Johnson leaving for Fulham, what have been the biggest changes for Wizards since these two teams met in the Western Conference final last season?

TRAVIS: Claudio Lopez was added, Chance Myers drafted, two veteran defenders traded (Nick Garcia and Jose Burciaga), Ivan Trujillo signed. Most of the big changes revolve around player personnel. There has been talk of switching from a 4-4-2 to a 3-5-2, but so far this season it hasn't happened.

MARTEK: What have you seen from Claudio Lopez that you've liked so far this season? Didn't like?

TRAVIS: The first game he showed how calm a finisher he can be. He gives the Wizards much needed experience of front. The last game, their first loss he got real fired up when things weren't going his way. Not sure if that's because he was mad at his teammates for not getting him the ball, or what. He doesn't seem that fast, but give him a few games. He'll adjust.

MARTEK: Prediction for the game?

TRAVIS: Wizards play defense, win 1-0.

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