Friday, April 18, 2008

Quickie MLS weekend look

Well, since Columbus beat DCU last night, despite my prediction in our MFLS Bloggers League, I start this weekend at somewhat of a deficit in the prediction department. What do I learn from last night, never, ever pick against Center Holds It's Jeff Bull. During the offseason, Jeff eventually settled on supporting Colorado and Columbus this season, and look at the results so far. It's bigger than all of us and until Col and Col head downward, I'm ridin' this Bull!

Thursday night: (My prediction, DCU 3, Cmb 0; Actual: Cmb 2, DCU 1) DC looked terrible at home and still doesn't seem to have melded its players all together into a cohesive whole. Let's face it, the huge buttkicking they delivered to Harbour View at RFK looks more and more like the aberration here. Other than that, let's look at their results so far: a tepid and almost unwatchable 1-1 tie to Harbour View in Jamaica; a 2-0 loss to KC; a 4-1 smackdown over two legs to Los Tuzos; a 4-1 win over TFC (the lone bright spot against a team that, with all due respect, should see that kind of scoreline against them in every game, except when they play the Gals); and a pair of uninspiring losses to RSL (RSL!!!) and Columbus. DCU will probably be fine when the season is all said and done, but if they're not, you're seeing the seeds of destruction laid bare now.

REAL SALT LAKE at TORONTO: My prediction, 2-0 TFC. Reds build on last week's win at home against a team that is better, but on the road? Sorry Kreis, you don't get to face DCU every week. Question, did TFC win two in a row at all last year? Well, there's a first time for everything.

NEW ENGLAND at NEW YORK: My pick: 2-1 Revs. New England has had a season with the drunk staggers so far. Win-loss-win-loss. It's an odd-numbered game, so New England pulls through. It helps, though, that they have the Gambian speed brothers, while New York's back line is anything but speedy. Give Angel another concussion and unleash the dogs.

SAN JOSE at COLORADO: My pick: 2-0 Colo. EQuakes, score first, and then maybe I'll pick you. But one thing I'm NOT doing is picking anyone against one of Jeff Bull's Cols. I'm not tilting at those kinds of windmills.

DYNAMO at LOS ANGELES: My pick 3-1 Orange. More on this game later today and tomorrow. But quite simply, the Gals don't just look bad. They look terrible, especially in the back. Ching will score in this game. Vanney, you think Jeff Cunningham abused you...

KANSAS CITY at CHICAGO: My pick, 2-0 Fire. The wheels continue to come off for KC. Blanco will see to it personally at home. Frankowski scores again.

FCD at CHIVAS: My pick: 2-0 Chivas. Las Chivitas takes this one 2-0 over the candystripers in front of, oh say, 7-8,000 passers-by, most looking for some English guy that reportedly plays soccer at that stadium. Chivas fans again complain loud and long how they are the class of the HDC after the Gals get savaged by Dynamo the night before. Tough toenails guys. A move to St. Louis might just help you.

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