Monday, April 21, 2008

Good luck with Killie Paulie, or rather should that be "Good luck with Paulie Killie?"

In the wake of Dynamo's much-reported-upon scoring woes, some have lamented the loss of former striking stars Alejandro Moreno, Nate Jaqua, Joseph Ngwenya and the man above, Paul Dalglish.

My take on these guys is simple:
1. Moreno for Ngwenya deal was genius last year and helped Dynamo earn the title. Lamenting it now neglects that simple fact.

2. Jaqua. Smallest big guy I've ever seen. Getting repeatedly outjumped by players who are 6-8-inches smaller than you is nto good Nate. Maybe you'll learn how to win these balls in Austria.

3. Ngwenya. Nice speed. Nice developing player. Fun and enthusiastic striker. Try learning how to beat a physical defender while in Europe, OK?

4. Paul Dalglish. So there's a group of trainers hanging out in the medical room. Guy walks in. Guy walks in again. Guy comes in a third time, then a fourth and then a fifth. Eventually says, "Don't worry guys. I know where everything is. I can take care of this myself." That's Paul Dalglish. Nice guy. Flashes of real skill. Needed to go because eventually, the trainers had to take care of someone else.

I bring this up because of the following piece I just found on Setanta Sports:

Former Newcastle striker Paul Dalglish is eager to earn a long-term contract at Kilmarnock after overcoming his injury troubles.

In February, Dalglish signed a deal to stay at Rugby Park until the end of the season having been released by Houston Dynamo last year.

After making just two substitute appearances, however, the 31-year-old was sidelined with a groin injury for five weeks.

But he is now available for first-team action again and has vowed to take any opportunities he is given.

“I’d definitely like to stay here and I just need to get a chance to show what I can do,” he told the Daily Record.

Killie, if you do this, and I have little doubt you will since the Dalglish name is still golden in Scotland, I hope your medical staff has a LOT of extra time on its hands. They'll need it.

Though here's a quick look at what ol' Paulie could do in between his training table visits. We'll always have the '06 Western Finals, kid.

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