Monday, April 28, 2008

Dynamo Diesel States the Obvious

Picture of Diesel getting action, scoring more than entire Dynamo lineup.

Whispered, “Do you hear that?”

Barely audible, “Nope, I don’t hear anything!”


Hmm, out of the three of us, Martek posts a Celtic WIN article after yet another Dynamo loss. That makes several no shows by this blog- ignoring the obvious sucking sound coming out of the Bayou City- after the last few Dynamo games. Obviously, with inverse results, we'd be NYAH NYAHing, 'we told ya so' all over the web. Yep, nothing like a good kick in the cajones to deflate us or make us hide in the shadows with the roaches. At least we three have those nifty Championship banners to hide behind but how many times do we say this before it gets old?

Either the combination of our economic, environmental, and foreign policies OR the new Dynamo fan mantra. You choose.

A few random thoughts

• Oh, Ryan Cochrane, how do we miss thee? Let us count the infinite ways… this was a guy that both Martek and mr3d ragged on regularly for 'untimely fouls'. What we'd give for those now...
• So far the Boswell for Wells trade plays out pretty even- both with fairly mediocre starts. Bobby definitely brought his post-season trauma and Wells is trying to gain the experience that only starting minutes can give. Who gains the upside in this trade remains to be seen.
• Ianni has played better than Boswell, though at times his errors have been more blatantly noticeable.
• After as nightmarish beginning, Caig seems to be a more capable backup.
• The Dynamo can’t afford any more stupid cheap shots from Robinson, as his absence leaves significant gaps.
• De Rosario is losing too many balls in the final third, trying to shoulder an impotent front line, though the young gun Argentine at forward is the real deal. Both these players possess creative skill with the ability to match. The flick cross across goal against the Galaxy was particularly SWEEEEEET. In a Dynamo season that has begun rather acridly sour, I savor what few sweet moments I can.
• Ching’s problems have little to do with desire; I feel he’d sacrifice body parts right now to score. Still, one has to wonder, given his injury record and his ever diminishing end of season goal totals, is he past his prime. If so, how far past?
• Possession time means little except to fans who take the apologist route. Think of the NFL Bend But Don’t Break Defenses against a Run and Shoot Offense. They get down to business in the Red Zone. Similarly, that’s where we seem to break down. Fifteen shots. Six on target, no goals.
• Every MLS Power Poll has us in last place. Even Ives puts us there, explaining that while we may not be the worst team skill-wise, we will have to win before he factors in those ‘other considerations’ which make us a much better than last place team.
• Other teams have had injuries too.
• Last season’s Gold Cup forced Dom’s hand- creating the need for lineup changes absences and some dicey trades- which panned out. Do we need Bob Bradley to schedule some lengthy call ups once again?
• While we lose a close one in Columbus, perpetual MLS Cup bridesmaid New England steal an away win in Frisco with the type of lineup most of the league teams use for US Open games.
• Say what you want negatively about Moreno. He finishes quite well. It’s standing ovation time- definitely my vote for player of the month- even though Donovan may have more outstanding single games. A shame he didn’t give us that opportunity too often wearing Orange. While I agree with mr3d in hindsight thinking maybe Daglish (waived at end of last season) being better trade bait- he was injured last June, rendering him pretty much an untouchable.
• About Lando- good for him. Yet the brash in your face attitude may make him a target for hackers. If he shamed me like that, I’d take him down anyway I could- a la Eddie "Da Undertaker" Robinson.

Look for others (HOMERS?) to say it ain't so though I would counter that until we put points on the board, the results are the bottom line.


Martek said...

Playtherapy, as always your analyses are right on the mark. Things look dire, so forgive my emotional detour to Parkhead yesterday and today.

Some things I notice continually lacking are;
1. Transition. The move of the ball from midfield to forward is seriously lacking. Nothing gets set up. Waay too many long balls to the forwards. Nothing overlapping. Too much garbage in the attacking third and outside the box. Hard to put together an attack continually rolling the dice this way. No continuity, no coordination, very poor possession. This is where Rico should be starring, but instead, what? Should Stuart Holden get a starting nod now? And if so, in place of whom? My vote is in place of Rico (sadly) or Mullan (the king of great runs to Nowheresville).

2. Poor communication in the back. Though I have to admit, this looked better against Columbus and I give big props to Bobby Boswell for earning the yellow by whacking a way-too-celebratory Moreno after the latter's goal. That kind of tenaciousness is necessary to stop other teams from thinking now is the time to pile on us.

We'll see what happens with these next two games at home against beatable foes. If we emerge from them 2-2-3, the bleeding is stopped. If not, then it might be time for something drastic.

playtherapy said...

OMG, for you to be such a doomsayer, things MUST be dire indeed. Pull Mullan before De Ro, besides, Holden is better on the wing. Yet, Mullan was brilliant in former games and De Ro has that magic than can turn a game in an instant. Too many long balls and forwards having to track waaaay back to get touches. I think we need another forward in the rotation, and either a speedy yonug fullback or a steady veteran center back... Not asking for much-eh? BTW- from what you've seen during April- is Ching even the best forward on the front line? I know De Ro doesn't want to play up front, but we'd probably be a better team with another strong midfielder on the field instead of collecting splinters. Heck, Davis always seems to want to move inside anyway... Good yellow from Boz though we're thin in the defensive bread basket. I expect someone to take Donovan's head right off the way he's carrying on and winding up opponents. Maybe once Little Fish comes back, Carlos will be the opposite of a hatchet man- hatchet target?

Martek said...

Y'know PT, hard to rate Ching because the set up has been so poor, and they've had to track back so far, I can't really say that forwards have had any problems at all. I don't think they've had enough clear chances to rate them in any way. What does that say? Nothing good.

That being said, I have enjoyed Caraccio's brio and Brad Davis' strong presence. I've also enjoyed Cameron's enthusiasm.

Holden must play. There is no longer any reason for him to be sitting down. Plus, it would be nice to see Dom make subs earlier in games Dynamo is trailing, like when the sub has time to actually do something.

How's this lineup for Saturday:
Mulrooney (Waibel?)-Boswell-Ianni-Barrett

Hey, what is up with former stud-in-waiting Wondolowski? How many minus has he had so far with the offense struggling like this? Play him or deal him.

And I'll stick to my viewpoint. 0-2-3 or no, I'm still thrilled that Cochrane is wearing blue and not orange.

playtherapy said...

Yep, your prospective lineup reeks of same ole thang. Maybe it's Lombardi-like, run the sweep a million jillion times- run it to perfection, then run it again. I see us going on a winning streak once we get it together, but the sum doesn't seem as great as last year. Someone has to step forward in a big way or lots of step ups in kinda big ways. Think Jaqua, Ngwenya, Ching platoon of last season, add a little Holden and late season De Ro magic plus the usual stellar defense and you had something memorable. Mulrooney also covered so many gaps but has he also lost a step?

Wondo- the reserve league Ronaldo- might or might not bring a similar becnh player just needing the right type of prompting (think of the finds last year).

Any thoughts of who your wish list would include? Any disgruntled vets lose their starting role a la Franchino? Should we acquire Pacman Jones and his thugs to seal the stadium deal? Anybody waiting in the wings? I'm still waiting for us to get Setz as Pat's understudy (dreaming)...

Ohhhh, and always remember, in the good ole USA, all you have to do is squeak into the playoffs, then go on a winning run. Surely even Diesel and the Dynamo girls can help with that.

mister3d said...

NYAH NYAHing is not my style. I don't care at all about team ratings, especially in april. It's APRIL! What's to say..the dynamo haven't won yet and that seems to be covered well. Yes it's troubling that we tend to dominate large stretches of games yet fail to take control on the scoreboard but that's soccer. Hesmer was out of his head, like guzan last year, and sometimes that's all a confident team needs, like last year's chivas usa.

Holden is just now becoming fully healthy.

the thing that I don't like is kinnear's absolute refusal to sub before the 70th minute.

I think ching is fine, he's streaky and valuable as a magnet for double teams and as a hold up man. I thought kinnear was going to watch his minutes this year, take the bit out of the man's mouth. Ching's like boxer from animal farm, he'll work himself to death. He needed to come off in columbus. Kinnear probably won't take him out until he scores,(don't mess with the striker's head) that's why the players love him. I want to see carracio and wondo together on the field, just as a late game change of pace and to see what they (wondo) can do as a tandem.

Here's the thing carracio puts that header away in the first 14 minutes or scores on that friggin mug job later in the first half and things become different. How about barrett's blast at the end....Hesmer was out of his mind.

dynamo must win against chivas.

that fcd-rev game proved to me that nicol is the best coach in the league. How the hell do they win that away game, ridiculous. somehow nicol is able to sub before the 70th, hmmm.

Kinnear is a damn fine coach and I trust him to find the way out of this morass....IRS rebates!!!! yeah!

playtherapy said...

Herr3d- on the one hand, it's no biggee, on the other, it's a morass. One thing the soccerhead pundits seem to agree on is the trade rumors will heat up if the next two game home stand doesn't put points on the board. I'm thinking 4 points at the very least. I agree about Ching's work rate and his holding ability though at times he seems completely blanketed out of games, disappearing in a tangle of legs and arms for long stretches. Granted, he's pulling much of the coverage, but then why isn't anyone putting the ball into the net?

Furthermore, 2/3 of last season's championship forward line went across the pond and an unsung centerback went back to SJ. Add another year on the odometer to Waibel, Onstad, Barrett, and Ching's million year old knees and you gotta wonder- when does it end and when does the rebuilding begin? Cameron looked great in his starts but does he play forward or centerback? Maybe they pull it out this year and win it all. Maybe Dom will slowly add pieces like Holden (if he can keep him), Carrocio, Cameron, and if the trade has an upside for the former Defender of the Year- Boz. Thank God Chivas is out of sorts- hopefully the ghosts of games past will haunt them at Robertson.

playtherapy said...

BTW, do you also see the uncanny Curious George lookalikeness of Alejandro Moreno? Now, had I known about this, I would have definitely wanted to nix the Ngwenya trade. This could easily eclipse Golden Ball's marketing prowess- I mean EVERYBODY- EVERYBODY LOVES GEORGE!!! This could be the marketing ticket the MLS has been looking for, a way to attract soccer momns and dads and the ever attractive under five demographic. (see pic in above post)