Thursday, April 3, 2008

El Monstruo Morado apparently kills you until you like it, and then they kill you some more

El Monstruo Morado is apparently a beast that kills less like a bear and more like a slow water torturer who leaves the room, goes out to dinner and a show, retires for the night and then wonders "Hmmm, did I leave that guy under the water drip? I don't remember. Ah well."

A 0-0 tie. I'm still getting my mind around it. Mister3d and I, together for the first time this season in our new prawn sandwich seats, witnessed Dynamo dominate Saprissa like we have seen them dominate few others in our many, many games at Robertson Stadium. I think back to watching the Orange pick wings off the flies of RBNY and Chivas USA in two 4-0 wins last year and even in those games, Dynamo did not dominate like they did last night. Every shot and cross in the box was just to the right, just to left, just over, just right in the keeper's breadbox. It...just...wasn't...happening! ARGH!

17 shots, nine corners (NINE!), and I don't even want to look at the possession numbers, though I'm pretty sure that in the 94 minutes of regulation last night, Dynamo had something like 489 minutes of possession. It got to the point that by the end, I wasn't even standing up to watch the crosses anymore, I knew how it would end.

Yesterday, I wrote that athletes are not like normal humans. They put things behind them quickly, and the wins and, especially, losses don't live on in their minds and hearts. Well, I am NOT one of those athletes and I felt like there were many times last night they should have been paying ME to deal with all that near miss stuff, or at least my heart surgeon. I will be watching the game in Costa Rica next week through my fingers.

(One positive vignette, after the game, as we were walking, somewhat stunned, to the car, a group of four Ticos passed us, shook our hands and said "Hey, good game, great game. Costa Rica will win 2-0 in Costa Rica, though." Those guys were A-OK, and the truth of the matter is that if I had to bet the house on it.....)

OK, OK, on to hosting the FC candystriper Kennedy killers on Sunday (not that I'm wanting to take my frustrations out on them or anything).


The Manly Ferry said...

Now, this is precisely what I was on about. Like the "self" of your first paragraph, I thought Saprissa played the rope-a-dope to perfection - failing to secure the win aside, naturally. The torturer made for a wonderful metaphor, by the way.

But that impression runs contrary to your "self" for the rest of the piece - e.g. the notion of Dynamo domination. In possession and chances, sure, the Dynamo held the edge. But even with all the opportunities surrendered, Saprissa never looked distressed.

I don't know. It was a messy game. I came away from it mainly feeling: 1) like DeRosario and Ashe were the only players present on offense - and they were almost enough - and 2) anger at/frustration with Brian Ching. It's all here.

playtherapy said...

Big ouch. Hopefully, the Orange will find viagra (like Ngwenya) as it did after the beginning of last season. Maybe we need another Gold Cup where the big stars go international cup tipping for a month or so. It would be the stuff of legends if we win the away tie. Yuck.

Martek said...

Posting quickly from the hinterlands in the Hill Country, MF is right about me overstating the domination angle. But Dynamo did control possession for long periods (unlike in Foxboro) and had plenty control over the proceedings to win handily. Frustrating. And Playtherapy is right, miraculous intervention might be required. Still, if it happens we'll never forget it!! As my pals over at the Lord of the Wing blog say: Forza.