Monday, April 28, 2008

Curious George Look Suits Moreno Well

Alejandro IS the Man in Yellow and the crew cut matches the Crew kit... Is it just me or are you doing a double take, saying DAAAAAAAMMMMN...


playtherapy said...

Sorry dear readers, but in an effort to jump start the struggliong MLS marketing efforts- I must repost a few of my comments from the Diesel thread:

"Now, had I known about this, I would have definitely wanted to nix the Ngwenya trade. This could easily eclipse Golden Ball's marketing prowess- I mean EVERYBODY- EVERYBODY LOVES GEORGE!!! This could be the marketing ticket the MLS has been looking for, a way to attract soccer momns and dads and the ever attractive under five demographic."

MLS bigwigs- if you take this and make a bundle without me, I understand. But if my man, Alejandro doesn't get a big piece of the action, then it's litigation time...

Martek said...

I can't believe I did not see that before. Alejandro or Jorge?

With Ngwenya, it's Celebrity Death Match all over again:

Jar Jar Binks vs. Curious George.




playtherapy said...

Heck, Binks wouldn't even make it out of the 1st round. He wouldn't even finish a stuttering sentence. BTW- James West still kicks Capn Kirk's ass, hands down, despite overhyper driven galactic fu.

Martek said...

Agree that George kicks Jar Jar

Though I think that George may also have kicked your head if you think Conrad trumps Shatner!

That battery gets taken right off his shoulder with a quick phaser blast.