Monday, May 25, 2009

What is the proper welcome for Dwayne De Rosario Saturday night?

See that smiling face? We all love him and with very good reason.

However, this Saturday night, when the whistle blows, Dwayne De Rosario will not be our friend. He will be our enemy. He will be trying to hurt us, take away from us a victory we need very badly to stay in the Western race.

So the question is, how is he to be welcomed back to Houston? I know there are many people out there who want to cheer Dwayne, and really, I can understand that feeling, as I do as well. From afar, I have been cheering his exploits as a Red and wishing him nothing but success. Let's be clear, here's a guy who wanted to go home so badly, he was willing to don ruby slippers (or at least a ruby kit!) to do so. I can respect that. I can honor that. His desire to leave was not a statement about the Dynamo, about Houston, about us fans. He deserves no ill will because of that.

And yet ill will is what he most certainly deserves on Saturday night because he is not a member of the Houston Dynamo. He is a visiting player who is trying to score, to win, to defeat the Houston Dynamo. When he left last year, I wrote this very simple message:

"So, fare thee well Dwayne De Rosario. Enjoy your years back in your hometown, where we would always want to wind up in our lives. You have earned our love and respect and, and I mean this in all sincerity, I hope you take it as the deepest measure of personal respect and true love when Dynamo come to BMO Field next season and crush you like a grape."

And I mean every word of it.

So while I will not hold it against anyone who wishes to applaud DeRo, know this, there will be no applause emanating from my seat in Section 119, not until after the game is over. I thank him for his service the last three years and I wish him well overall, but under no circumstances do I wish him well on Saturday night. May all his shots find the seats. May all his passes go awry. And may the funky chicken dance be nowhere in evidence.

What say you?


k1p said...

I agree. He is no longer a Dynamo and he gets no more love from me. Thanks for the memories and all that but it is a new day. He is the enemy. He must be stopped!

Martek said...

Yes!! The key is to get in his head. We all know what a hothead DRo can be. Difficult line to walk, but important. You want him to get flustered, not angry and focused.