Friday, May 22, 2009

Climbing back aboard

My quote from last week:
So, as you can see, like my Orange and those Celtic Bhoys, I am now feeling my oats. I've been around long enough to know, though, that is the exact, precise moment that reality comes crashing. So armed with the certain knowledge of crushing defeat...

My record from last week: 2-5, along with Celtic's potential title-crushing tie, which means that their SPL championship run is very possibly over (though my positive waves will be heading both to Parkhead and Dundee Sunday. More on that in another post, but suffice to say, the situation is dire in Paradise.).

Would that my picks could be as good as that prediction up there, with my season mark now an almost unspeakable 23-38. My performance is shocking, RUBBISH! as Kenny Hassan might say.

But will that stop me? Heck no! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again...

REVOLUTION at TORONTO FC. 2-1 Reds. OK, I know Ralston's back, Shalrie is playing well and Reis might be in the lineup, but overall the Revs have just been woeful. Also, even though Toronto have never beaten New England, I think this is the time. Both back lines are terrible, so the goals might be coming aplenty. Reis' presence keeps the Reds from running away with it.

RSL at DC UNITED. 2-0 to the Black. A quick recent history lesson here. Last week I wrote: OK RSL, this is your last chance. If you screw me around blow a game against a winnable opponent again, I will not pick you for the rest of the year, whatever it does to my record! (Though seeing how RSL has played so far, that will probably be not much.) And why? Well, overall I have picked Salt Lake to win or tie six times (SIX TIMES!) and over those six times, the Royals have gone 1-5 against my prediction. Skee-rew them. DC, rip them a new one. With Salt Lake sending out their third-string keeper, it shouldn't be hard.

las chivitas at WIZARDS. 2-1 KC The wheels are starting to come off of Chivas' dream season. You heard it here first. Zach Thornton '09 is almost out of gas and the Amerigoats start coughing it up.

GALAXY at FC HORRIBLE 2-0 Gals. Yes, even the tie-crazy Galaxy can break out of their patterns, and if you can't do it against this team, then you just can't do it. No matter what that scumbag Andre Rocha did scoring against Seattle last week. Look at who's out for Frisco: Sala, Cunningham, and then Purdy and George John, that is two of that incredibly bad back line we saw here in Robertson a couple of weeks ago. How bad are their subs? Watching this team is like watching Newcastle this season. You know the hammer is falling, it's just a matter of who it's falling on this week.

EARTHQUAKES at DYNAMO. Puh-lease. 2-0 Good guys. There's really nothing like seeing the joy in Brian Ching's eyes as he beats the heck out of San Jose. Those stars on their jersey are a personal affront to him and all the guys who came over from Cali, and they should be. Now if we can only keep Kamara from taking Nick Garcia's head off, though maybe he should? I'm just saying.........

SOUNDERS at RAPIDS. 1-0 Seattle. Check out this from the injury report: PROBABLE: MF Freddie Ljungberg (migraine recovery) I have never seen that before, though as someone who is married to a migraine sufferer, let me tell you, don't laugh. That is serious business. Colorado is better than they used to be, but Seattle is coming off a road tie last weekend against a far worse team and they will be playing angry. Jaqua will score (though I'm sure I've just jinxed him).

FIRE at NYRB. 2-0 Chicago. One fluke goal against us last week (though I have to admit, I loved Wolyniec' finish on that one as a soccer fan as much as I hated it as an Orange-utan), and a five spot against them in the US Open Cup game on Wednesday and you see a Red Bull team that is about to just fall into a deep, deep pit. In a away, the 4-1 win over San Jose may have done them more damage than good, if you know what I mean. Watch Chicago just dominate this one.

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