Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Orange love from Carlisle and future XI

Jeff Carlisle shows some Orange love on his West notes column (click here) over at, focusing primarily on Geoff Cameron and Andrew Hainault.

My favorite part of the piece is in this quote from The Dom:

"You always try and put your best team on the field," said Kinnear. "That's what you always try to do. But we feel comfortable enough with Boswell, Hainault, Cameron, and Julius James, that when Eddie comes back it's the right time. If it gets to the point where Eddie is a clear starter, then we have some selection issues, which is great."

And that is great, though I doubt seriously it's going to happen until ate in the year. I foresee Ching, Clark and Holden all missing time due to international US call-ups this year. And don't forget that Hainault and Onstad might miss some minutes playing for the Canada team, which, while no longer in World Cup qualifying (which is another tragedy entirely) will be playing in the Gold Cup.

Here's a projected XI with all five of those guys gone:




Hall/Deric(back from loan)

Not as stout as we've seen, but plenty loaded with skill and some pace and toughness. What do you think?

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