Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Number 9 and I am rolling

Now I am not going to say that I have turned things around completely, but after posting my first winning week of the season with a 4-3 mark (Thanks to my Dynamo boys for putting me over the top), I am feeling my oats. Overall, I am 16-29 now, but I look at MLS' nine-game slate this week and what do I see? I see opportunity my lads. Opportunity to make up geography on that record. So here we go.

(And by the way, these predictions are for personal jollies and not to be used as the basis for any wagering. If you do that, then the consequences are yours and yours alone. Though please, if you feel so compelled to wager based on my predictions, there are many, many agencies out there to assist you in your recovery. Get help. Now.)

DC UNITED at WIZARDS. Tie 1-1. DC is rolling with two straight wins that got started with their last-minutes comeback against RBNY. But nothing can get a team overconfident like a win at home against a USL-2 side like FC Worthless. KC still sucks, but DC is just not tough enough to get this win. They are, however, good enough to force the away draw.

GALAXY at REAL SALT LAKE. RSL 2-0. OK Salt Lake. I have had it up to here with you. I picked against you in Denver last week and was right (Despite El Naranja's calling me out!) and think you guys have just been all over the map. But if you can't win against a team as bad as the Gals at home, then that's it. I think you guys have every chance in the world here. Foul Landon early and often and LA will not be able to respond.

EARTHQUAKES at RBNY. 1-0 New York. Juan Pablo Angel scores on a New York Friday night and earns JCO a reprieve on the coaching hot seat. San Jose is rubbish on the road.

WIZARDS at CREW 3-1 Columbus. Second game in three days against the defending MLS champs means disaster for KC. Columbus cruises to its first win of the season.

TORONTO FC at DC UNITED. DCU 2-0. Put it on Black. You know, everyone will make a big deal about this being a battle for top of the Eastern table. But Toronto is overrated and DCU is much better than last year. Once again, you will see in this game the difference that having a healthy Ben Olsen brings to the Black. This game will not be close.

REVOLUTION at FIRE. Chicago 2-0. New England is not as bad as they showed against Dynamo last week. They just are not. But they are not as good as Chicago. Not by a long shot.

FC HORRID at DYNAMO. 3-0 Orange. There is so much to write between now an Saturday about this game, and it will all be written here and at other sites. But quite simply, and I'm trying to be as respectful as I can be here, Frisco is total crap and Dynamo is rolling. I think frisco's problem is simple. They keep playing all of these teams that are better than they are. They need to find some teams they can beat. Maybe a PDL side? Hey, just trying to be helpful.

REAL SALT LAKE at las chivitas. 2-1 Goaties. Chivas continues their early season run before the summer implosion takes its toll on them. They'll start losing soon, but not at home against a bad road team like RSL.

GALAXY at SOUNDERS. 2-1 Seattle. Landon goes wild and has a great game, but its those other 10 guys in the LA gear that let him down. What else is new?