Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Time, and WHOA! There goes the time

Boy, time sure has a way of sneaking up on you. Still amazed by Barca's amazing domination and repulsion of the Mancunian Invasion of Roma yesterday, I completely missed Columbus' 2-1 win over San Jose last night. (Proof that it did truly happen here.)

(And BTW, a HUGE shout out to V on Dynamo Planet, who correctly predicted the teams and the final result a year ago. Yes, A YEAR AGO! I bow to you dude. Now, about this week's lottery numbers.....)

Somehow, in its infinite (what passes for) wisdom, MLS decided to schedule a game the same night as the UEFA Champions League final. I guess we should all be thankful they didn't schedule the game at the exact same time as the festivities in Rome (Why did I post that video up there? One reason is that with about 20 minutes to go in the game the phrase "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way..." drifted across my consciousness. Go figure.), though would it surprise anyone if the idea had actually been considered in the Don's underground New York bunker?

So anyway, I give myself a pass on last night's game, even though a road game for San Jose? What else would I have picked but Columbus winning, though when you see the highlights, the Trembles had more quality chances in the first 20 minutes than they had all last week. And, by the way, who is that inhabiting Joe Cannon's body? I know SJ's back four is as woeful as it gets, but "Cannon" is hardly doing anything other than phoning it in. Look at his positioning on both goals, in addition to last week here at Robertson. Tony Caig would be an improvement.

And in another noticeable non-occurrence, Eric Denton got no suspension nor a fine for his high elbow to Kei Kamara's chin (If he wasn't trying to throw the elbow, what was it doing up there in a play off the ball?). Just saying.

So, on the rest of this week's games (My overall mark is 26-42 after last week's 3-4 performance, good for a .382 mark or three games over blind chance. And yet, still he picks his own self up and soldiers on! Sucking knows no quit, ladies and germs.):

FIRE at las chivitas. 1-1 TIE. I have predicted all along the wheels would be coming off for Bizarro Chivas (copyright Dan Loney) any day now. A ship built on Zach Thornton's continued goalkeeping prowess is a ship that will take on water at any moment. And the best they can do at KC is tie? It's happening now My People. Temoc vs. the Goats, American or not, lifts Chicago to the road draw.

RAPIDS at RED BULL. 1-1 TIE. After the Rapids have traveled 10,214 miles over the last two weeks playing at New England, Seattle (for a US Open Cup play-in) and now New York, you know they're going to be tired and wouldn't be at all surprised to lose. But then again, this is Red Bull, who constantly find new ways to lose or draw each and every week against teams not named San Jose. So who am I to argue with that?

DC UNITED at REVOLUTION. 1-0 DCU Have you seen New England play lately? No? Good for you.

TORONTO at DYNAMO. 2-1 Orange So much is being written about this game around that it seems absurd to put in my $0.02, but here goes: The Reds are two different teams. At BMO, they're Under a Blood Red Sky, and on the road, they're just a little pinker. I mean, this is the same team that lost to FC Horrible at Pizza Hut, the only squad to do that this year. Not to be overconfident or anything, because any team with De Rosario, Guevara and Dichio is a team that can hurt you bad. But like so many games, I think this will be decided by the back line, and when you compare these two teams on that level, you see a decided advantage to Dynamo.

CREW at SOUNDERS. 2-0 Seattle. Columbus was getting peppered by San Jose. San Jose!! At home. Columbus is not the same team as last year, which is becoming more and more apparent. Sigi and the Green take this one.

WIZARDS at GALAXY. 1-1 TIE. As Loney pointed out, someone needs to alert Arena that they give three points for wins these days. Eight of the Gals' 11 games have ended in draws this year (and one more in US Open Cup qualifying). It's bigger than all of us.

Yallop fired at halftime because, as much as you'd like to, you can't fire the team.

FC HORRIBLE at FIRE. 20-0 Chicago. Or something like that. What's the only thing worse than dallas? Dallas on the road.

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