Friday, May 23, 2008

That championship look

No, the title of this blog does not apply to Dynamo, who were outplayed in almost all aspects of the 2-1 loss to San Jose last night. You get games like that from time to time, losing to inferior teams, but you also get the opposite, beating teams you should never beat.

Rather, the title applies to the now three-time SPL champion Celtic FC. Their surge to the title came almost literally out of their ass. When the Bhoys lost to Motherwell at home in early April, it looked like the SPL title streak would be over. Then came one win, and then another and then, even better, two inspiring and amazing wins over hated rival strangers at Celtic Park. Seven in all to grab the trophy.

I have been a Celtic fan since being directed that way by two friends of mine who live in Ayr, just outside Glasgow. Since then, as I have learned more and more about the team, its history, what it stands for, my fandom has deepened and deepened. I have given myself completely over to the Bhoys (and believe me, I almost foam at the mouth that Dallas would ever consider calling themselves the Hoops. There is only one Hoops, and they ain't red and they sure as hell ain't in Dallas!), just behind my devotion to Dynamo.

But I'll let the Bhoys' actions speak for themselves in the clips below. For Tommy Burns, for Phil O'Donnell, for the return of Neal Lennon, for the Holy Goalie, for the Wee Ginger One, for Skippy and Aideninho and JVOH (and his wondrous, goal-scorin' noggin) for all the rest,

Mon the Hoops! Mon the Championship!

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