Thursday, May 8, 2008

On TSU, press reports from Aberdeen and early picks

Well, apparently, here's the scoreboard for today:

Kpene: He's here.
Ngwenya: Who?
Derek Soutar: "WTF" says the Dom
TSU: Go and Tigers!

So right now it looks as if Texas Souther athletic director Charles McClelland (above) wants to get Houston's own historic black university on board what amounts to the Dynamo Park ship. My take is simple, if they show the money to get involved, then bring 'em on. It'll still be built as a Soccer Specific Stadium, only this time the American football team will be the secondary tenant, right? As long as Dynamo's interests come first or at least co-first, this is good news.

Kinnear is also denying the Derek Soutar story, which has got to make Tony Caig feel good, for however much benefit that brings. When you look at the Dynamo/Chivas reserve highlights over at the Dynamo site, you see Caig still straying off his line with aplomb. Heart, try not to leap too far up into throat if Onstad gets hurt again.

My quickie picks for the weekend:

TONIGHT: Chicago 2, DCU 1: The Fire own those guys, OK. There are some things bigger than all of us, like Prius' over the Golf.

Dynamo 2, Rapids 0. I just can't help myself. More on this in the next two days.

RSL 1, FCD 1. Dallas' road woes continue in Utah.

Columbus 1, San Jose 0. Crew stay hot, though how hot do you have to be to beat SJE 3.0.

Gals 2, RedBulls 2. Landy scores late, highlight reel, equalizer, gets punched in the face by Van den Bergh when he celebrates too much.

Revs 2, Chivas 0. Revs are good, OK? las chivitas, on the other hand, can only hack so many people so many times.

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