Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stevie, we hardly knew ye, or Rule 1: Never give up a hat trick to Edson Buddle

So I guess this is what happens when your team, with a designated player right there on defense, surrenders a hat trick to Edson Buddle.

Not to mock the dead, but, oh what the heck, let's mock the dead. Everyone raise your hand if you're shocked by this. Morrow's hack-a-whack candystripers have been an embarrassment to the league for two years. The Strangers of Scotland may be known for their brand of anti-football (which I dearly hope catches up to them in the SPL this Thursday), but Morrow's teams should be known for nothing less over here. Let's go down the list:

Carlos Ruiz: All of the whines of Cuauhtemoc Blanco, none of the flair.

Andre Rocha: The list of his victims is getting truly Manson-like.

Adrian Serioux: Hit on Beckham speaks for itself.

Denilson, "Uilio Avino", Drew "Oh no! It's Jonny Magallon!!" Moor, Arturo Alvarez kicking Brad Davis in the nuts, etc., etc., etc.

How much you want to bet Kenny Cooper went upstairs Monday and and had the proverbial Him or Me meeting?

Looking over the Grim Reaper's Rolodex and it seems to be flipping to S. Hmmm. As in Soehn?

Here's how I will always remember Little Stevie, watching his team just fall apart. He is outahere.

Oh, what the heck, here are a few more:


laurie said...

Hahahahahaha! Great post and good riddance. Morrow and his merry band are ethically challenged slimeballs.

Martek said...

I'm with you. How many more players are we going to see get hurt because of those candystriper thugs. Earlier this season, Andre Rocha took out Onstad and Robinson in one game. Serioux' slide into Becks was just one more example for what passes for tough defense in Frisco.

Will this Ferruzzi guy be any different? I have no idea, but if he's not, then the Hunt group may have to step in and do an intervention. Or The Dom.

In any event, I'm laughing my ass off.

playtherapy said...

As I told you on the phone, the heads @ DC United are scratching their heads- wondering, "Do we let Soehn go now??? If we keep him, we could miss the opportunity off rehiring our most successful manager- you know the guy who put the first trophies on the shelf?"

If FC Dallas hires Arena- doubtful as that is (I think Bruce will wait to see what emerges out of Washington), and then DC cuts Tommy after a string of poor results, the front office will be be feeling the heat. How long do you think Soehn has?

Martek said...

I think the back-to-back with TFC will go a long way in determining Soehn's immediate fate. If they lose both, he's out before the echo to the final whistle fades. If they win both, he lives for another day.

And for the various options in between, it kind of depends how they play out. Inspiring ties and mixtures of losses and wins may just keep him alive as well. You can see lots of scenarios both ways in those cases.

If they miss out on Arena, who does that leave, Dave Sarachan?

playtherapy said...

You should see Andrea C's poll (@ Sideline Views) on the next FC Dallas coach- former Burn and Mexico manager dud Hugo Sanchez is on the list though another former Burn player, Pareja ranks higher (in the poll). Oscar would be a good fit, especially given the south of the border flavor of many starters.