Sunday, May 4, 2008

Panic...Don't Panic.....Panic?...Dynamo lose another tie.

the game last night was a frenetic spastic mess of a game. the no win gorilla on the dynamo's back is starting to take its toll.

 A desperate attitude hung in the air at Robertson and when the first half ended 0-0, after yet another performance of barren domination, all in attendance could sense the bitter fruitless end floating in the second 45.   The players fought against this palpable destiny with determination and will and the fans chanted, screamed, and yelled against it but as the final whistle blew 0-0, all  shoulders slumped with the weight of futile inevitability.

The following sum up the game well though none mention Shavar Thomas' first half takedown of Ching in the box--it was a penalty. Guzan's time wasting was a travesty, an utter mockery of good sportsmanship and fair play. When it became apparent that the ref was unable to deal, Mulrooney needed to blast a ball into Gallindo's gut to teach him to give the required space on kicks. What a frustrating game.

 It would be interesting to know what those that have HDnet and its high definition replays thought about the game. The good news--due to the west breaking out in ties no ground was lost in the standings. (late edit---colorado looks to be the lone winner this week, damn.)

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