Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lone skater of the apocalypse

Well, not having seen Dynamo's 0-0 tie with las chivitas last Saturday due to being out of town with the fam, and seeing as how's deal with the HDNet Beelzebub means no highlights are available, I am left to rely on Mister3d's excellent review of the game (Oh, how I wish I could have seen Mulrooney kick the ball into Galindo's gut. Too bad it wasn't master whiner Preki.), as well as a few other game stories and photos.

When I saw the score I felt like the lone skater in the image above. Still no wins, still OK play, still nothing to see and nowhere to go.

Oh well, at least I have this to look forward to: Dynamo's first win in both 2006 and 2007 came against the Colorado Rapids. Both seasons ended in Cup championships. Guess who's coming to town this Saturday?

(And hey, don't deny me my grasps at the thin, thin shards of whatever hope I can find. Right now, I'll take what I can get.)


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