Friday, March 28, 2008

A three-way on the freeway to First Kick: Afterword: Predictions

It's been one heck of a fun offseason, though seemingly interminable at times. After much consideration, Indian food and Wonderful Vietnamese sandwiches from Cali Sandwich Shop, here are the Nutmegged predictions for Saturday night's Dynamo/Revolution game:

MARTEK: Weather report at game time right now is for a temperature of 33, dropping to 31 by the end of the game and clear, but still wet from today's freezing rain and snow. Jimmy Chowda is right: "Prediction: Pain." I think the scoreline will be a nice and tidy 1-1, with Twellman scoring for them (Does anyone else score for the Revolution?) and De Rosario tearing Matt Reis' frost-bitten fingers off his body with a blistering laser beam from about 20 yards.


Revs clearly motivated after their regular post season spanking, get it together after a 1-1 half time score. They party afterwards like something amazing happened, V-E Day or getting the Evil Empire
out of the White House (face it, Bushies, you've bagged way more than your limit of carpets).

Blue-Blooded fans begin to brag as if they won much more than the opener. Soon all will be planning for a Thierry Henry signing or perhaps calling a Victoria Secret model for a date and hearing... YES.... Euphoria deflated like Viagra detox after losing at Robertson and being a MLS Cup bridesmaid, again... BTW- loyal dittoheads, if you missed the carpetbagging reference, I just spelled it out fer ya.

MISTER3D: dynamo 2 revs 1
carracio and wondo for houston
mansally for NE or shalrie

Enjoy the game!


Jimmy Chowda said...


If we win, we'll party like it's V-J Day.

Here in RI, we're the only state that still celebrates it. The reason: it's in August and there's only three months of quality beach time.

By the way, we signed up for the MFLS league. I'm not sure how managing by committee will work, so we picked all the Revs icons: Twellman, Reis, Ralston, and Nicol. If we lose, we'll blame the team.

mister3d said...

Ok, I'm officially getting excited about this game on saturday. All this discussion of the imminent season opener is stirring awake my sleeping soccer virus from dormancy to virulence.

The fever should be raging by tomorrow night.

from the where the hell did you come up with that department---I think chicago will be in the top four this year, mark my words blanco to barrett or rolfe or that polish guy will echo repeatedly throughout toyota park this season. Also watch nyrb and their new coach-whitout wanchope around to mess up his thinking he should help them perform better.

the fact that I am cowardly posting the above statements in the comments section speaks to my confidence level but we shall see.

dale dynamo!

Martek said...

Mister3d, I can sense the excitement building over there in the Marshall World Headquarters.

And Jimmy, VJ Day it might just be between the weather and the home field advantage. Still, I went with a tie and I'm sticking to it. Our secret weapon for the cold is having two Canadians starting for us. Hope you dress warmly out there.

playtherapy said...

Chowda-man, thanks for reading and responding. I like the Revs and am a bit worried- about their prospects over the long haul. With Noonan, Dorman, and Riley gone, it's up to the super-rookies to replicate last season's performance. A slump by the young guns (Cristman, Thompson, Larentowicz) or injury to Twellman, Parkhurst, or Joseph, who picks up the slack? I love to watch everything develop thru Joseph- he reminds me of a poor man's Edgar David. Ralston's odometer is about broken and Twellman just came off a nasty offseason (divorce, denied transfer and better contract). I'm truly interested in the Nicol-Twellman/Mariner-Twellman relationships, how much coaches agree with managment decisions, and just how this affects delicate relationships. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the locker room but have no idea of the inner dynamics. Do you, Jimmy?