Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gamba Osaka rides again.

It's only preseason, it's only preseason...oh wait that doesn't work anymore. forgive me, I thought I was having a gamba osaka flashback but it turned out to be a real life nightmare served up by the speedy!? attacking!? New England Revolution.Everyone knows that the season can't be judged by the opening game and that concacaf play seems to induce an inability to concentrate on regular fixtures but damn the dynamo looked horrible.

All credit goes to the Revs game plan and execution. Nichol deserves special praise for scouting and signing in what appears to be a trio of impact players. Let's see, the positives for houston?..... I'm happy for the Rev fans that were treated to an opening day display of positive soccer. A dominant and deserving home win on opening day is truly a fantastic way to start the season.

And with that above statement the cogs of the reciprocal karma machine are beginning to turn in order to bless the dynamo and their attending fans on the April 6th home opener. If you are still enough you can hear the dominant and deserving win karmically winging its way down to robertson right now. Please!

Now if someone can come up with a recipe for a 5 to 0 performance against saprissa publish it now. Really, I'm not kidding. Houston needs to carry at least a 3 goal lead in aggregate to costa rica.

Here's to an outstanding MLS 2008, Salud!.

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Martek said...

To add to your CONCACAF theory, the two Champions Cup participants were outscored a combined 5-0 yesterday (while AEG's two teams were outscored 7-0! Wow.).

Really though, I think there were several factors, most notably being the Revs. They looked great. We'll see if those guys can keep it up.

The cold is always a big advantage for home teams. As Eddie Robinson said before the game (and you told me yesterday) it is hard to adjust between CONCACAF and MLS games. Also, Corey Ashe, you are no Brad Davis and if I ever see Mullan at right back again it'll be too soon.

But the most important reason, I'm sad to say, can be laid at the door of mister3d and myself. Before watching the game, we broke with tradition and did not get Cali Sandwiches. Clearly, the gods took notice. Before Saprissa, we should probably each eat two!