Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shameless MFLS Plug: Best MLS Fantasy Game Around

He's the only other person at the office who even knows when you're talking about MLS, you're not talking about real estate. Anytime you tell him about the new deal for that South American World Cup veteran your team just cemented, he lets you know he knew about it three days ago. He has a beautiful girlfriend whom he refers to as "Stupid." The Company promoted him over you due to Eddie Haskell mannerisms.

You can defeat this enemy of all things good without poisoning his pets! Challenge him and other axises of evil to an MFLS faceoff.

Yes, Major League Fantasy Soccer (MFLS), the oldest online fantasy soccer league, comprised of fantasy teams and a prediction league. Pick your team, get your favorite enemies to sign up, then use every underhanded tactic you or others can think of (planting false rumors, such as Joe Cronin leading the League in Goals Against Average or Fernando Clavijo being Coach of the Year). If he's stupid enough to believe it, call it Soccer Darwinism and bury him.


Call it a humanitarian act.


Check it out.

For a fantastic description of MFLS gameplay from the site, Soccer Tickets Online, click here.

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