Thursday, March 13, 2008

A tale of two ties, or a duo of draws

There's kissing your sister and then there's liking it. Yesterday, my two favorite teams each slogged their way through 0-0 draws, but with wildly different meanings, showing once again that in footy, as in less important matters, context is everything.

Earlier in the day Celtic and Dundee United fought at Paradise to a scoreless result, which I think pretty much torpedoes the two-time SPL champs' chances of adding the third. Unless that other team starts to lose, the Celts will just have to look to the Scottish Cup for their silverware this season. I'm not giving up by any stretch, just being realistic.

But for my No. 1 team, a scoreless result was just fine with me. Being in preseason still, playing at altitude and against a determined opponent, Dynamo knotted 0-0 at CSD Municipal in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Now there's no need to insert any recap or synopses of the game because several people online have already done so, my favorites being Jeff Bull at Center Holds It, Glenn Davis' and Bernardo Fallas at the Chron. Here's my take posted on those fine blogs:

The combo of legs and altitude had Dynamo gasping at the end, but I was thrilled with the result, getting at least the minimum you would want from the opening away leg. I was impressed with Wondo. Nice disruption of the Municipal defense, though it was clear he was out of gas int he last 10 minutes.

Why is it again that Kinnear is so hesitant to sub? Odd that Caraccio and Mullen did not come in around the 70 min. mark. I think it would have made the period of mins. 68-83 or so a tad less harrowing.

And my personal belief was that Ashe was trying to shoot at the International Space Station or something on his crosses. That was about as bad as it gets.

One thing I noticed is that BOTH of these teams would have wiped the floor with DC or Harbour View. That first game was almost unwatchable it was so bad. I felt like I lost soccer IQ points just having it on my TV.

Next week’s picks: DC 2, HV 1 and Dyn 2, Mun 0.

What are your predictions?

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