Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blogger MFLS Invitational Championship: Is Your Fave Blogger Playing?

The three amigos at Nutmegged are hosting the 1st Annual Major League Fantasy Soccer Bloggoff using Mark Wheeler's MFLS game site. MFLS is the original soccer fantasy league on the web, now in its 13th season. It is free to play, but contributions help to keep it online.

This competition will be comprised of a fantasy league and a prediction league. Bragging rights for the whole kit and kaboodle will mean having the most points combined from both competitions. Each blog can only have one team- though decisions can be made by a collective (as we will do).

Inclusion presently is by invitation only. These were selected through recommendations from our many friends and contacts- ranging from professional to amateur bloggers. Not all of our invites will respond or accept- so if you want to join, please email us with your contact name and the name of your blog. Your blog must be active with posts within the past month.

Scroll down to see if your favorite blog or blogger was invited. We are also seeking help locating the emails of some of the below bloggers.

Beau Dure USA Today- sent email
Phil Schoen GolTV- sent email
Steve Goff- Washington Post- need email
Logan's Revenge- sent email
Statesidefooty.com- emailed off their site
Sidelineviews.blogspot.com- know Andrea Canales is one of contributors, need email
Center Holds It- sent email- CONFIRMED
LAG Offside- sent email
Dan Loney- can't find his email- help anyone?
Du Nord- sent email
Blue Blooded Journo- sent email
The Offside Rules- sent email
Kenn at Kenn.com- sent email
Nutmegging- sent email
Soccer Silicon Valley- emailed off their site
Bernardo Fallas- Houston Chronicle- sent email
Ives Galarcep- sent email
MLS Rumors- sent email
Who Ate all the Cupcakes- need email?
MLS Underground- sent email
DCenters- sent email- CONFIRMED

We will be updating you about League Results, strategies, and speculation about who's hot and who's not. We will also shamelessly post some of our picks- both players and game predictions.

If your favorite blogger is one of the above who has not responded- tease/goad/ challenge her/him/shim! Make it about their womanhood/manhood/otherhood! Then once they do play, check our site regularly. After all, we Pro or Am Bloggers are pompous enough to publish our opinions on the net- how well will we do when going head to head?

If you feel a blog needs to be invited, email us and tell us who and why.

If you do not write for a blog but would like to compare your points against any of us, sign up for MFLS today.

If you want to read a good write up describing the MFLS experience, click here.