Friday, March 7, 2008

Mars Needs Women- Just Like the Blogger MFLS Championship (MLS Fantasy League) Needs Bloggers!

Like Dora the Explorer, we need your help. Whether you are a MLS fan wanting to see how the ‘writing/talking heads’ fare in a fantasy league against each other, MLS blogger, or a foreign blogger who wants to play an MLS fantasy game against other bloggers, you can aid in helping recruit soccer bloggers to participate in our Blogger MFLS Championship. How can you help, you ask? Admit it, if you’ve read this far, you ARE intrigued…

First, if any of your fave bloggers are on this list, you can goad, prod, bug, torture them into participation. Find out their home address- then stalk them relentlessly until they sign up. If your fave blogger is not on the invite list, you can tell me who and how to contact on the below comments section. Then proceed to the stalking section.

If you are a footy blogger who is not on the list, leave your contact info below and list your blog site. You also must have written a blog within the past month on your site.

Finally, if you or your site is on this list, you should have received sign up email. If you did not receive this email or did not respond (cue the angry villagers with torches), please comment below. We are still seeking emails for some of the bloggers on this list.

For a direct link to MFLS, click here.

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