Sunday, February 24, 2008

A very simple final thought on the Pan Pacific Championship

After watching that whole final, I only have one thing to say:

How much would it cost to get that Bare guy on our team? If you can't beat 'im, buy 'im. It's the American way.

Oh wait, one other thing to say:

After watching Bobby Boswell get burned on all four of Bare's goals, I hope that Boz takes those lead shoes he was wearing and hurls them into the nearest volcano before leaving the islands tomorrow. Of course, he might have been able to move just a little faster if he wasn't so damn captivated with ball-watching, but seeing as how this is preseason and all, I'm willing to let him blame it on the shoes. In two years, I've yet to see the Texian Army or El Batallon turn on one of our own, but if Boswell plays like that during the regular season, he's going to get an earful in at least two languages whenever Dynamo is defending the north side.

So remember Bobby: Shoes. In the volcano. Now.

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Martek said...

Here's the response I posted to Jeff Bull's great post over on Center Holds It.

I know I'm in a weird position, arguing that Dynamo really didn't look all that bad after losing 6-1 (which is by far the worst loss in team history, BTW, topping the 5-2 loss at Pachuca in CCC play last April). But really, for a team that is only three weeks into training, they looked OK in the two games. The first game was such total domination that perhaps we all, and possibly the team, were suffering from inflated expectations going into the final.

I think the loss is attributable to two important reasons:

1. Dead legs. The team looked solid in the first half, going up 1-0 before falling behind 2-1. But after the first 5-10 mins. of the second half, where they continued to look relatively sharp, that team hit the proverbial wall. The term "dead legs" doesn't even begin to do it justice. Even Corey Ashe was having trouble beating his man, not to mention Stuart Holden. It looked like they were slogging through mud. Gamba, meanwhile, while also in preseason, have been training a couple of weeks longer and had been in Hawaii for the past two weeks totally focusing on this one tournament, and it showed. Boy, did it ever show. A team that did not possess a huge speed advantage in the first half, sure showed up looking like they had turned on the afterburners in the second. And in relation to Dynamo's now accelerating weariness, they had!

2. Two words: Robert Boswell. Take a close look at all four of Bare's goals. Who is the guy left in the dust as the big Brazilian (I didn't know they grew Brazilians that big!) streaked toward the goal all four times? Hopkins and Healey made much of how Ianni and Boswell need help to grow together, but not once did they mention Eddie Robinson's name. Man, did I ever miss him during the game. I'm not saying that Bare would have been neutralized or that Dynamo would have had more wind in the second half. I'm just saying that ERob would not have been burned like that repeatedly. Bozzie better shape up if he wants to play in this defense.