Monday, February 25, 2008

Mark Van Bonehead video

I first saw this incident late last night on a replay of the game on FSC. A tight, tough, hard fought game had this drama which just made the whole night for me. Saw this video over on Soccer by Ives this morning and felt it meshed perfectly with the previous post below. Just awesome.

Here's Ives' great take on it:

In Germany, not only is touching a referee a major offense, even insulting one with a gesture is risky. Consider Bayern Munich midfielder Mark Van Bommel, who disagree with a call by referee Lutz Wagner. Rather than simply shout at the referee, Van Bommel tried to sneak in an "Up yours" while Wagner was walking away. Unfortunately for Van Bommel, Wagner must have known he was up to something and turned around just in time to catch him.

The scene, which must play out in schools across the country, was the funniest moment of the weekend, and has to be seen to be appreciated.

The best is Van Bommel running off the field clearly upset at being caught doing something so dumb. Who knew the Dutch midfielder was only 12 years old?

In short, don't mess with referees.

I'm with you Ives.

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