Friday, February 1, 2008

Mystery Solved: Ramon Ramirez is the hero(?) or villain(?) for kicking Alexi Lalas (pre-sex change) in the cajones

I’ve asked this question everywhere- as I always do before US- Mexico matches, who was the Mexico player that kicked Alexi in the balls hard enough to knock him down? And after the body snatchers turned the fiery/red haired/ beer swilling /chick magnet who paid for his band to LIVE with him during his Serie A Palmero days into a corporate suit reminiscent of Paul Reiser’s role as the Company Man in Aliens, do we now owe that El Tri player a medal of honor? I finally know who it is thanks to this blog page I cannot access due to my work's computer security settings. Can someone plz send me the full text from this link saying “Probably got started when Ramon Ramirez kicked Alexi Lalas in the balls. Then Ramirez sent him an autographed pic of Lalas.” Also does anyone have a video clip of the incident?

I remember there had been a foul, the players were skirmishing and then Lalas went down hard. Was Ramirez the culprit? As far as I know he was never disciplined nor was he rewarded. I think Paul Gardner may have given a standing ovation for a brutishly cynical foul on a brute. (For a good laugh, read Gardner’s 90’s descriptions of Lalas’s play- no links to these old Soccer America articles; I threw them out years ago. Do you have any of these quotes or links?)

So I ask you- is this the same guy?

Pre-body snatchers

On top of the World

Cool album cover- Cosmo/Vogue model chick magnet?


Pod person or spokesman for male enhancement products?

Ramon Ramirez: Hero or Villain?


Martek said...

The fact that it's Lalas makes it a tough call, but.....

Hmmm, For racking a US national team player at the time: Definitely villain

If he did it today and deprived the rest of the league the chance to rip off the Gals with horribly one-sided deals: Villain with a capital V

playtherapy said...

Yeah- I definitely thought so at the time but would probably enjoy the 'nutter' if I watched the film today given Lalas and his mistreatment of so many players, coaches (Mo Johnston, Yallop), and situations. If Joe Cannon were to write an Insiders Narrative of LAG 2006-2007, I'd probably read it, then giossip like hell on pages just like this. I was a Lalas fan in the 90's when Alexi was the icon of unskilled players- making it to the World Cup All Star Team (an admitted concession) which led him to a Serie A move and starting position as well many Italian jokes about the red haired buffoon. Today, I'd play the kick in the balls tape over and over, in slo mo as I giggle about 'just desserts'.