Monday, February 18, 2008

At least Dynamo's checks don't bounce

Wow! No wonder Tony Caig was so eager to come back to the States. Above and beyond playing for MLS' premier side, Dynamo's new reserve keeper got to escape the financial maelstrom that is soon-to-be-relegated Gretna.

According to this piece on the Setanta site, Irons players will not be paid this month after owner Brooks Mileson got admitted to hospital, meaning he can't authorize the payments. So not only is the club completely moribund in the Scottish Premier League, the players, who apparently are expected to show up now just for the sheer joy of it, can't even look forward to their paychecks.

Nothing's going right for those guys. According to the Setanta piece, the "Borders side are currently nine points adrift of Kilmarnock in eleventh place and were unfortunate not to narrow the gap at the weekend. Only a controversial refereeing decision denied them a late penalty before Motherwell made it 3-1."

Maybe shirt sponsor Subway will kick in for some timely traveling meals. An Italian BMT for a win, Turkey Sub for a draw and Garden Special with milk for a loss. Play for it boys! Play for it!

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