Saturday, February 2, 2008

Very nice 5-1 win for the Bhoys

Taking out Killie with a great 5-1 win in the Scottish Cup, Celtic moves on to the quarterfinals. (Wonderful quickie analysis of the win here.) After an admittedly tepid last two months, it looks like the Hoops are starting to gather some steam for their push to a double defense and passing that other team from Glasgow (Hmmm, forgot their name). For a particularly good time, check out the final goal from new Bhoy Georgios Samaras, he of the orange shoes. (Orange? Playing for Celtic? The anarchist in me thinks that is just great.)

The Hoops have had numerous comings and goings over the last month, many of which have left my head swimming. But one thing is certain, Gordon Strachan and the brain trust there will not just stand pat and let the double slip from their grasp. It brings up my fave quote from club chief executive Peter Lawwell last year: "We don't care who finishes second." Go get 'em Pete m'lad!

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